IT Expertise

ExpertTech Solutions has professionals available for almost any development need. Our team of experts includes Network Administrators, Developers, Software Design Engineers, Technical/Systems Analysts and Project Managers.

Technologies and Platforms

At ExpertTech Solutions, we continuously work with our consultants to ensure their skill sets evolve with changing technologies. Our consultants work with multiple platforms, operating systems, applications and languages including MS Windows, Unix, Oracle, Java, Mainframe and others.

Focus Areas

We understand that focus enables us to serve customers with quality consultants. 82% of our consultants are certified in their core skills. This along with extensive screening techniques enables ExpertTech to provide quality consultants.

Primary focus areas in 2001 have been Siebel, SAP, Clarify and Oracle Apps.

Whether you have challenging technical needs or specific position requirements ExpertTech Solutions comes equipped with the best resources and expertise to match the right person to the right position every time.

Information Technology

ExpertTech Solutions provides consulting services, project management services, and outsourced development solutions for off-site and on-site projects. We have state-of-the-art facilities and experienced teams that deliver applications on time, on budget and with the needed functionality, freeing companies to focus on what they do best so they can maintain their competitive advantage.

Finding, training, equipping, managing, and housing development staff for specific projects can be costly. The ExpertTech team allows you to trim development costs and ensures a speedy time to market by providing:

Project Expertise

Our project teams have outstanding track records handling various types of development projects including Data Warehousing, Client/ Server Development, Business Intelligence, Project Management, Site Analysis and others.

Technologies and Platforms

Our team comprises development experts with broad technology backgrounds working with multiple platforms, operating systems, applications and languages including:


When considering options for your next development project, look to the team with the resources, skills and experience - ExpertTech Solutions - where ideas become action.

At Expert Tech, we are more excited than ever before. Equipped with the proper resources, skills and experience, we are ready to ride the wave that will take us there - right to the heart of our vision!